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A New Breed Of Autoresponder, Auto Message Setup
Beka Ruse

The concept of the follow up autoresponder revolutionized
Internet Marketing. Now, "Auto Message Setup" promises to
bring the field an even greater degree of efficiency.

This recent innovation lets experienced marketers painlessly
transfer marketing know-how to their entire downlines. A
marketer can now provide each of his downline representatives
with a follow up autoresponse system that is already packaged
with the marketer's pre-written messages.

The result? Just a few minutes of work on the part of an
experienced marketer, and each of his reps is set up with the
same tried and true marketing messages.

Case Study: Marketer Matt and the New Breed

For example, take a look at the case of a fictional network
marketer named Matt M:

For years, Matt has been successfully marketing All Natural
Pharmaceuticals using a follow up autoresponder. In fact,
much of his success can be attributed to the set of seven
messages e-mailed to all of his potential customers. Matt
has carefully crafted those messages over the years, and
they're really great.

Recently, Matt has been trying to pass what he's learned
along to his downline representatives. He explains his
marketing principles over the phone, and he knows that
several of his reps pass his follow up messages around
amongst themselves.

However, Matt finds that his pearls of wisdom rarely survive
this 'telling and retelling' intact. He knows his reps
aren't getting anywhere near what they could out of his
knowledge. He wishes there were a way to harness today's
technology, and put it to use for the greater good of his

Enter Auto Message Setup

Using an Auto Message Setup system, Matt's downline reps can
order their own follow up autoresponse accounts that are
already packaged with Matt's pre-written messages. They can
reap the fruits of Matt's experience with ease.

Each rep will customize Matt's messages for himself by
logging in to his new follow up autoresponder account, and
entering his own contact information.

Here is Matt's original autoresponse message:


    Thanks for stopping by the All Natural Pharmaceuticals
    web site today! We hope you come back soon!

    Best Regards,
    Matt M.
    918 Awl St.
    Natural, PA 22314

Notice that the message greeting uses a variable, (LEAD
NAME). The variable ensures that each of Matt's leads will
receive a message personalized with his or her own name.
Notice, also, that Matt's name and address are at the end of
the message.

Case Study: Downline Dan and the New Breed

Dan is one of Matt's downline representatives. He's ordered
his own follow up autoresponder through Matt. Since Matt is
using Auto Message Setup, Dan's account came pre-packaged
with Matt's marketing messages. Dan personalized those
messages to himself by answering a few questions in his
Online Control Panel. Now Dan is sending his own personalized
version of Matt's messages to his customers! All of the basic
content is Matt's, but Dan's contact information is on the
letters. Here is the autoresponse that Dan sends to his
potential customers:


    Thanks for stopping by the All Natural Pharmaceuticals
    web site today! We hope you come back soon!

    Best Regards,
    Dan D.
    5 Farm Way
    Sootuh, TN 88457

Notice that the contact name and address at the end of the
e-mail are Dan's, but that the greeting at the beginning of
the message still includes the name of Dan's lead.

Mission Accomplished

With Matt's experience in hand, Dan is now marketing more
successfully than ever before. And he isn't the only one -
Matt's entire downline is now using his marketing messages!
Matt's commissions are growing exponentially.

Matt and Dan's situation is not unique. Any network marketer
with an established downline can take advantage of the
opportunities available in an auto message setup system.
There's no better way to put more auto in your autoresponder.

Beka Ruse is the Business Development Manager at AWeber
Systems, Inc. AWeber offers one of the first available
automatic message setup systems.

Reprinted by permission from Aweber

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