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Website: Dirt Cheap Autoresponder
Price: $35 one time fee
Autoresponders: Unlimited

Autoresponder Review

The Dirt Cheap Autoresponder is often regarded as having the best autoresponder that you can purchase. Unlike a monthly service, like Aweber, this is a script you purchase, download, and then install on your websites. It requires a mysql database.

The script is licensed to be used on an unlimited number of domains.

You can also have an unlimited number of subscribers without paying an extra fee. The only subscriber limit is probably from your web host, which may limit how many emails you can send per hour if you have a shared hosted account. If you want to send tens of thousands of messages per day you will want to have a dedicated server.

The Dirt Cheap Autoresponder script is not encrypted. You can customize everything about this script. When we say everything - we mean everything. Have all your confirmation messages in other languages. Include your own graphics. Whatever. This php autoresponder script is quite flexible.

While it does not have stats or the bells and whistles of the more expensive, monthly services, if you just want to send messages this is a great choice.

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