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A word of caution about free and cheap autoresponders. You may get what you pay for.

When sending email to a prospective customer you are also sending them an image of your company. You want that person to give you money. One problem that can occur with free autoresponders is that they are used by spammers. If you send email from a service that is blacklisted because of abuse by others, then ISPs may reject your email and your work is down the drain. Or even worse, your reputation is tarnished by associating with such products.

Free autoresponders also typically include some type of advertising. You want control over what is advertised on your messages, so at the most all you want is a reference to the autoresponder. Something like what hotmail includes at the bottom of its messages.

There is only one autoresponder we have found that is offered - for a limited time - entirely free, which is feature-rich, solid in use, does not include third-party advertising, is not used by spammers, and is something we can recommend. That is Email Aces. You may have to hunt-around the website to find the free offer. Note, the free version will include an ad for Email Aces at the end of each message.

If expense is an issue, we suggest Royal Responder and again Email Aces. Both offer fully functional versions, that do not include unlimited autoresponders, for reduced monthly fees. If you only need one or a couple autoresponders then this may be for you, and you can always upgrade if your autoresponder needs increase.

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