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Website:Get Response
Price: $17.95 monthly
Autoresponders: Unlimited

Autoresponder Review

GetResponse is widely recognized as having one of the best autoresponders, probably only second to Aweber. It tries to outmatch Aweber feature by feature and it is a little cheaper. All things being equal, the cost savings is enough to use this product.

GetResponse offers numerous domain names that it sends messages from to use for tracking purposes and for spam avoidance. Still, we would prefer to have our domain name exclusively on all links so that the autoresponder company is entirely transparent, with an anonymous tracker added to the email address. On the other hand, having a third party referenced, such as GetResponse, has its advantages, especially if someone does complain about spam. We like the spam check feature which helps improve messages so that they are not blocked by a recipient's ISP.

If you want a solid autoresponder with an incredible number of features from a reputable company, then try GetResponse. Try a free account first, then upgrade to the paid account.

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