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How I Help People Make Money Working At Home!

Copyright 2004 Jeff Schuman

As I think back on my first year in internet marketing and network marketing online this thought comes to mind.

Every program I joined I did so because the person I joined under offered me hope that I could make money and be successful like them. The programs I stuck with were a direct result of my sponsor helping me become successful.

The other thing they all did is offered to do things for me that made it easy to be in business with them.

Most people joining an internet marketing or network marketing program do not have the skill level to do what is required to become successful in that business.

Offering to do things for them gives them the hope that maybe they can learn from you and someday become successful themselves.

Having read about or tried many of the "Hottest" programs at the time I feel qualified to recommend which ones will work. Now that I am making money online I can recommend programs and products along with the things I am doing to make money.

But I carry it one step further. I put my money where my mouth is when it comes to helping people make money online. I will go so far as to do the 'Grunt' work at first to help people get their own work at home businesses started.

I will do things like place new members under my new partners to get them off to a fast start.

We use autoresponders in my groups for follow-up. I will personally load follow-up messages in the autoresponder for them. I put all follow-up messages in one general message that my downline can access and set-up their own responder as soon as they are capable.

I will write follow-up letters to their new prospects.

I will personally call new prospects on their behalf.

I will 3 way call new prospects with my partner for training purposes.

I will give away free leads as an incentive to upgrade in my program or buy my product and to help them get their own mailing list going.

You will hear this over and over...but the man or women who rules the list rules the money. Building a good quality list is a big key to making money online and I jump right in with my partners and help them get this going ASAP! My program Ezine-In-A-Box can help you do that.

I make myself available for follow-up training and to answer questions after they have begun to go it alone. This is very comforting when you begin to have your own downline and prospects looking to you for all of the answers.

I constantly share what is and what isn't working in my own personal advertising campaigns. I make myself the guinea pig so to speak.

I use my newsletters to teach people basic computer and internet marketing skills. Things like email signatures, basic website design, affiliate link cloaking, power linking, search engine techniques, importing opt-in leads, how to place classified ads in ezines, how to set-up a pay-per-click campaign and more.

Here's the bottom line. If you want to become successful copy what is already successful. You will find that all of the guru's will go beyond just selling you their product or signing you up to join their program.

If you are sincerely working to build your business then you are going to build their business as well and the really good ones will do everything they can to help you do that.

The sooner you can project that image about yourself the sooner you will be on the road to being the type of person people want to be in business with!

These are things I do to help people make money online and I know you will do the same as soon as you can!

Jeff Schuman publishes "Team-Schuman Marketplace" Newsletter dedicated to being more helpful in teaching people how to make money online. Receive it for free with the best make money information and tools here:


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