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Website: PostMaster
Price: $199 and up
Autoresponders: Unlimited for top account

Autoresponder Review

Postmaster autoresponder is an email, contact management and database management program. Most autoresponders are 'dumb' in that a list is subscribed to and messages are sent to that list. Postmaster, on the other hand, is 'intelligent' in that it can 'read' your incoming mail and send responsive messages based on the content of the email. For example, the autoresponder can 'read' messages from Clickbank to extract customer names and automatically place them in a database.

The contact manager features cannot be understated. Popular contact manager programs typically lack autoresponders, and autoresponder programs typically lack contact management - even though customer contact is the name of the game.

This is a unique and impressive product. It also comes with an interesting upgrade with extra available features for network marketers. The initial sales pages for this autoresponder lists a $349 price. Not true, and this poor advertising probably costs the company some sales. Click on the order button to see the range of packages and discounted prices that are available.

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